• Class: Marksman
  • Position: Rear-line
  • Role: Physical DPS


"Rear-line Marksman. Physical Attack. Don't underestimate her -- Her skills are better than that of any man. She shoots down the enemy, stuns them with her strong bow, and boosts the ATK of her allies."


Manual Attack

Yellow FlurryEdit

Yellow Flurry
Fire at a random enemy continuously to inflict Physical Damage.

Damage = Physical ATK. Increases by X additional damage upon an accurate hit.
X = Skill Level * 14

Auto Attack

Yellow SoulEdit

Yellow Soul
Fire a Fury Bow to deal Physical Damage to a single Front-line target and stun them for 2 seconds.

Damage = Physical ATK. Increased by X upon a successful hit.
100% Stun success based on Y

X = Skill Level * 14 Y = Skill Level >= Enemy Level



Increases the ATK and ATK Speed of the Ally with the highest ATK for 10 seconds and life steal.

Increases ATK by X.
Increases ATK Speed by Y.

X = Skill Level * 7 Y = 1 + (Skill Level * .10)

Passive Buff


Increases the Physical ATK of all alies.

Increases ATK by X.

X = Temporary