Icon Longinus
  • Class: Knight
  • Position: Front-line
  • Role: Physical Tank


"Front-line Knight. Physical Tank. Skilled in both offense and defense, he uses his long spear to destroy the enemy's armor and deals continuous damage while swiftly evading enemy attacks."


Spinning SpearEdit

Spinning Spear

Inflicts Physical damage to a Front-line enemy. Destroys gear and decreases DEF for 8 seconds upon an accurate hit.

Returning SpearEdit

Returning Spear

Inflicts harsh Physical damage to a single target in the Front-line and destroys their armor. Decreases Physical DEF for 8 seconds.

Full MomentumEdit

Full Momentum

Charges to a target in the Front-line to inflict Physical damage and stun for 2 seconds.



Passive Skill. Longinus skillfully uses and S-type formation to increase Evasion.