• Class: Knight
  • Position: Front-line
  • Role: Physical Tank


"Front-line Knight. Physical Tank. Stuns all enemies with a powerful attack. Prevents instant death by blocking damage when health is low."


Explosive JumpEdit

Explosive Jump

Inflicts Physical Damage on all enemies and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Clean CutEdit

Clean Cut

Inflicts Physical Damage on all Front-line enemies.

Cloudy SweepEdit

Cloudy Sweep

Inflicts light Physical Damage to all the Rear-line enemies and lowers their Physical/Magic ATK for 8 seconds.

Iron WillEdit

Iron Will

When Hector is at the brink of death, a passive skill will be used and a bright light will absorb a set amount of damage to prevent death. Lasts for 5 seconds and can only be used once per battle.