Icon Eldia
  • Class: Priest
  • Position: Rear-line
  • Role: Magic Support

Ptnm 6006

"Rear-line Priest. Magic Support. Silences multiple Center-line enemies, but inflicts damage on only one target. Irene's best friend."


Tornado WaltzEdit

Tornado Waltz

Attack 3 consecutive times to inflict Magic damage on all Center-line targets and decrease Magic DEF for 10 seconds.

Floral MelodyEdit

Floral Melody

Casts Silence on all Center-line targets for 5 seconds.

Shadowless FanEdit

Shadowless Fan

Inflicts Magic damage on enemies straight ahead in the Center-line.

Heavenly AromaEdit

Heavenly Aroma

Passive skill. Increases own Critical Hit.